In early 2018, THE DFS PROJECT was born out of a conversation around the Wi-Fi industry’s need to validate DFS functionality in the field. After over a year of research, testing, and on-going discussions, version 2 of the en cok kazandiran slot handheld, diagnostic instrument was born. Now you can create picture-perfect DFS events in the field, exactly as the regulatory bodies test Wi-Fi access how to find power force episode guide points in a lab.

Radar event causes AP to switch channels


ManufacturerAP ModelFirmwareDFS Channelsnon-DFS ChannelsResults / CommentsUpdated?eMail or Twitter HandlePcap
AerohiveAP-250v10.0r7a64CSA showed Ch36 and it moved to Ch36 -- Capture showed Action and one beacon -- Used Channel Switch Count:
AerohiveAP-250v10.0r7a56CSA showed Ch136, and moved to Ch136 -- Capture showed everything -- Used Channel Switch Count:
AerohiveAP-250v10.0r7a56CSA showed Ch48, and it moved to Ch48 -- Capture only shows Action and one
AerohiveAP-250v10.0r7a56CSA showed Ch64, but AP moved to Ch149 -- Used Channel Switch Count: 8 -- Used Channel Switch Mode:
AerohiveAP-250v10.0r7a56CSA showed Ch60, and switched to