WifiMETRIX is a new type of diagnostic tool that uses a 6 GHz radio module to simulate radar pulses and a dual-band Wi-Fi chip to monitor and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks. It implements three important features — DFS testing (patent pending), AirHORN and WifiPROBE (patented). The 6 GHz radio module has been programmed to simulate radar patterns (DFS testing), and the built-in Wi-Fi chip can perform both signal generation (AirHORN) and throughput diagnostics (WifiPROBE) on each channel.

WifiMETRIX’s DFS Tester functionality can be used to confirm that an AP switches channels and follows 802.11 guidelines to ensure the move to the new channel occurs gracefully for associated clients.  Also, not only do DFS-triggered channel changes impact client connectivity, they may also degrade performance across a larger network if APs are not properly configured or do not follow 802.11 guidelines.

WifiMETRIX makes it easy to test and validate an AP’s behavior and a WLAN’s response to a radar event. Being able to make use of the 16 DFS channels in the 5 GHz band nearly triples the number of available channels and can be a big win in your WLAN’s channel allocation scheme. Here we show DFS Testing Is Easy.

With an MSRP of $395 USD, WifiMETRIX is an affordable diagnostic tool with a unique feature set.  To learn more, please visit the WifiMETRIX web site.  WifiMETRIX is currently available and may be purchased via secure checkout.

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